A technician studies a clipboard. Schedule Your Annual Furnace Inspection Now.

Schedule Your Annual Furnace Inspection Now

January 13, 2023

This important chore is easier than raking leaves or cleaning gutters when you call the heating and cooling experts at Service Edge Heating and Air. 

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An illustration of a woman lying on a bed looking distressed. How Can I Make My Home More Comfortable?

Video- How Can I Make My Home More Comfortable?

December 29, 2022

Is your home always uncomfortable either upstairs and down? You should consider zoning your home!

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A humidifier steams orchids. Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Your Home.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Your Home

December 13, 2022

If you don’t have a humidifier in your Fayetteville home, then you may not be aware of just how useful these devices can truly be.

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A woman looks distressed while holding a piece of paper. Have Your Utility Bills Jumped?

Video – Have Your Utility Bills Jumped?

November 30, 2022

Have your utility bills suddenly jumped? It could be your heating and cooling system.

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A furnace filter. What Are Furnace Filters?

What Are Furnace Filters?

November 15, 2022

At Service Edge Heating and Air, our experienced team of professionals are always on hand to answer any filter questions you may have.

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Family around kitchen table with fresh air flow

Video-Indoor air quality is important to your family’s health and well being – Service Edge Heating & Air

October 24, 2022

Air quality in your home is important to your family’s health. Having the right humidity levels, changing your filters regularly and installing air-cleaning or filtration systems like UV lights and air scrubbers.

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Transitioning Your Heat Pump. Image shows family on couch looking out window in cooler month.

Transitioning Your Heat Pump

October 13, 2022

One reason NC homeowners love heat pumps is they function as an all-in-one unit. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a separate furnace and air conditioning system, you can simply transition your heat pump from the heat setting to the cooling setting and vice versa as seasons warrant. Our Service Edge Heating & Air team wants…

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HVAC Service Technician talking with client

Video-Do I Need to Schedule a Maintenance Appointment? – Service Edge Heating & Air

September 24, 2022

Regularly scheduled maintenance can help you catch symptoms of bigger problems before they become an issue for your business.

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Know Your AC System

September 15, 2022

Service Edge knows air conditioners & we want to extend the life of your air conditioner, avoid costly repairs, & save energy & money in Spring Lake.

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Heat Gain Prevention Tips

August 31, 2022

Our team at Service Edge Heating & Air wants to help you prevent heat from building up inside your home as much as possible so that your air conditioner can be more effective and efficient.

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