Lennox LZP-2 Two-Zone System

Lennox LZP-2 Two-Zone System.

Enhances the Performance of Standard Heating and Cooling Equipment

Designed for easy integration with single-speed heating and cooling systems, LZP-2 zoning allows your equipment to run at peak efficiency and maintain desired temperatures.

Flexible Temperature Zones Mean Your Home Is Always Perfect

With an LZP-2 system, your home is divided into two different areas, or “zones,” giving you greater flexibility in controlling your family’s comfort. So you can make your home feel perfect on any floor and in every room.

More Comfortable, More Efficient

Because it can redirect heating and cooling away from rooms you seldom use, the LZP-2 zoning system can help reduce energy costs without sacrificing your comfort.

Independent Control

Each zone in an LZP-2 system has its own temperature sensor, allowing individual control of each zone’s heating and cooling.

A Good Idea for Your Home and Family

LZP-2 zoning works with most any home comfort system, and it can be an ideal solution if you have:

  • Top floor that’s always warmer than lower floors
  • Large windows in your home
  • Family members with different temperature needs
  • High heating and cooling bills